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Energy accessories

You are the courage, the heart, the passion, the energy, the challenge and risks that the world needs.

ARIES Element : Fire • Planet : Mars • ☯ Libra

You are the beauty, the standards, the loyalty, the realness, the love and confidence that the world needs.

TAURUS Element : Earth • Planet : Venus • ☯ Scorpio

You are the margarita, the adventure, the intelligence, the freedom, the memories and humor that the world needs.

GEMINI Element : Air • Planet : Mercury • ☯ Sagittarius

You are the words, the simplicity, the creativity, the protection, the intuition and emotions that the world needs

CANCER Element : Water • Earth's satellite : Moon • ☯ Capricorn

You are the light, the wisdom, the generosity, the hope, the abundance and the glow that the world needs.

LEO Element : Fire • Star : Sun • ☯ Aquarius

You are the home, the rules, the humility, the compassion, the help and silence that the world needs.

VIRGO Element : Earth • Planet : Mercury • ☯ Pisces

You are the harmony, the elegance, the justice, the balance, the fun, the humanity and tolerance that the world needs.

LIBRA Element : Air • Planet : Venus • ☯ Aries

You are the spicy, the feelings, the intensity, the mystery, the power, the depth and rebirth that the world needs.

SCORPIO Element : Water • Planets : Mars, Pluto • ☯ Taurus

You are the philosophy, the wine, the joy, the altruism, the support, the books, the songs and sparkles that the world needs.

SAGITTARIUS Element : Fire • Planet : Jupiter • ☯ Gemini

You are the time, the strength, the stability, the lessons, the ambition and responsibility that the world needs.

CAPRICORN Element : Earth • Planet : Saturn • ☯ Cancer

You are the extra to the ordinary, the eccentricity, the genius, the unusual and the unexpected that the world needs.

AQUARIUS Element : Air • Planets : Saturn, Uranus • ☯ Leo

You are the dreams, the imagination, the beliefs, the compassion, the empathy and the soul that the world needs.

PISCES Element : Water • Planets : Jupiter, Neptune • ☯ Virgo

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